Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is your company board breaking you?

What does your company board of directors actually do for your company? Boards are there to add value to your company. They are there to help guide the company through decisions and to help add value to the shareholders. However, many boards take "sitting on the board" to heart and sit on the board.

How do we get our boards to be an active and integral part of your company? ASK THEM! They're the only ones that can tell you how you can get them to perform at their peak performance and help guide your company.

As CEO, help your board realize their intrinsic value to the organization. Let them tell you why they are there. Let them tell you what they value and what value they bring.

The hard part in this process is to get them to tell you the truth. It's very easy to get the passive-aggressive answers from people. "Everything is great here, things couldn't be better." We recommend using an anonymous assessment to get to the truth within your board. I'm not talking about an "Employee Engagement" assessment. They measure engagement and engagement only.

The best thing to assess is the actual culture of the board. The only way to do this is to use a true Cultural Assessment. A true cultural assessment measures the levels of leadership, communication, relationships, change management, general climate, etc.

Luckily for the whole world (and especially you), we happen to have a very powerful Cultural Assessment tool at our disposal. It can be customized for your organization as a whole, or specifically for your board. As I said, let them tell you how they'll perform for you!