Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Finally, a company that understands integration!

Finally, a company that does it right. Props to Luxottica for understanding the need to "avoid culture clashes and hold on to key talent". These companies understood that a "culture clash" between the two merger companies, would be counter-productive for everyone involved on both sides. By demonstrating a "culture of inclusiveness", Robin Wilson (Senior Director of H.R. at Luxottica), was able to get beyond the "us and them" mentality that usually causes mergers and acquisitions to self-destruct from the inside-out.

Luxottica Group: Optimas Award Winner for Managing Change

In acquiring a major rival, the eyeglass retailer takes pains in reaching out to its new employees to avoid culture clashes and hold on to key talent.
By Ed Frauenheim

our-hour van trips across Ohio smoothed the way for a merger of two of the country’s largest eyeglass chains...