Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Power of Assessing Your People: A Success Story

We wanted to share a short, POWERFUL success story:

We started using these Integration Assessments (also known as Cultural or Change Readiness assessments) because often times companies would come to us and not have a CLEAR understanding of what exactly is going on within their own company.
Company X came to us and said they needed work on their “communication” and “leadership”. Now, we could have done a 2-day seminar which would have cost the company between $15-$20k. Instead, we had the company participate in our Integration Assessment. The results were staggering! Rather than showing that communication was an “area for improvement”, the results actually showed that communication was a STRENGTH in the organization. The problems in communication the owner sensed were a SYMPTOM, not the CAUSE.
What the assessment DID show was that the infrastructure of the organization had become so muddied, nobody knew who to communicate WITH. The result was that by spending roughly $10k on the assessment, they were able to not only assess the REAL situation (lack of clearly defined infrastructure) but they were also able to assess other areas in the organization at the same time. The company went on to rework the infrastructure of the organization. This enabled the leadership to be able to act more efficiently and the lines of communication were instantly opened.
I’ll take $10k over $15-$20k any day to elicit results like this! I’ve included a link to our website. You can look under the “Integration” tab to find out more about the Integration Assessment tool.
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