Thursday, March 29, 2007

A fish rots from the head down. Sometimes problems start at the top.

I read this great article on the Chief Learning Officer website. It states the obvious that sometimes, the problems in an organization, lie at the top. We've all known executives that have the, "I got this far, I can't get any better" mindset. Yes, they may have gotten their organization to where it is. Yes, they may have taken it from their garage to a publicly traded company. However, with this sort of mindset, are they really going to be able to take their company to the "next level"?

If the CEO/owner can't accept feedback, and doesn't think that he/she can get any better, where else will this show up in the organization? Often times we've seen this sort of mindset narrow the vision of entire organizations to the point that they get left behind by the market or in their industry. True leaders are flexible, accept feedback, and KNOW they're good. But they also KNOW they can get better!

So what can companies do about this? By participating in a company-wide assessment process, these sorts of issues will be brought into the light. Imagine the power in having an outside consultant come into your company, administer an anonymous, company-wide assessment, then sit down with the CEO/owner of the company and tell them they're the problem...

Leadership Deficiencies: Problems Often Start at Top

March 28, 2007 – Kellye Whitney, Senior Editor

No leader wants to admit he or she is responsible for cultural or organizational problems, but often that’s exactly the case — organizations frequently reflect the character of the individual at the top.

A CEO or other leader might even have blind spots that inhibit performance, but with executive coaching, 360-degree feedback and other development tools, blind spots and learned behaviors can be relearned for the individual’s (and organization’s) benefit…